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Portrait of Elevenson Acevedo.

Programmer and Quality Control at Fame Marketing

Skills and Industry Knowledge
  • Magento
  • Javascript
  • Quality Assurance
  • Website Development

About Elevenson

Elevenson Acevedo became an official part of the Fame Family in 2019, and brings a steady work ethic and an impressive drive for excellence to the team at Fame Marketing. He caught on to the world of website development very quickly, and has an ability to apply what he has learned at an almost immediate rate.

As an entry-level programmer and web developer in today’s ever-changing digital marketing climate, you have to be a consistent, driven, problem solver. Elevenson has proven himself to be all that, and more. His future at Fame Marketing is bright and promising.

Elevenson would say his favorite part about being in the Fame Family is being part of something that is alive and growing. He enjoys being able to grow his skillset individually, while the rest of the company grows in status and reputation. Elevenson is knowledgeable and curious, and has the ability to apply new knowledge to his functional skillset very quickly.

Outside Fame, Elevenson spends his time listening to new music, watching football, and continually learning new and exciting ways to enhance his web development skills. His potential in the internet marketing world with Fame Marketing is exciting, and his ceiling of possibilities is limitless.

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