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Portrait of Isaac Clark.

Account Executive + SEO Strategist at Fame Marketing

Skills and Industry Knowledge
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Account Executive
  • Video Editing
  • Brand Enhancement
  • SEO Analysis
  • After FX Graphic Design
Certifications & Licenses
  • Google Analytics Certificate
  • YouTube Optimization
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Telecommunications & Film

About Isaac

Isaac joined the Fame Family in June of 2015, and took over Fame’s content creation department. These days, he spends much of his time serving as an Account Executive, while still helping all Fame clients thrive through creative storytelling, video editing, SEO Conversion Strategies, and many other long-term Marketing Strategies.

Isaac loves meeting personally with his clients in order to really get a feel for their business goals, and to understand their truest identity as a company. This helps him design and craft creative marketing strategies that reflects the true persona of each company, and compels potential customers to take notice. His favorite thing about working at Fame is having the ability to maximize his strengths in the scope of a team that feels more like family than just co-workers.

Besides being hilarious, driven, and intelligent, the Fame Family knows Isaac to be the great equalizer. He’s not afraid to call a spade a spade, if that spade is standing in the way of progress. He’s also the kind of person that does nice things when no one is looking (usually ONLY then). By nature, Isaac is a room balancer, and naturally makes every place a little brighter, and hopefully a little better.

Outside Fame, Isaac has an appreciation for music, family, laughter, football, hard work, and a good Netflix marathon. He graduated from the University of Alabama, spent 6 years in Nashville, TN as a professional song writer, and spent 2 years as a High School English teacher/football coach before setting up shop at Fame.

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