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Portrait of Josh Hooper.

Lead Programmer + Digital Analyst at Fame Marketing

Skills and Industry Knowledge
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Magento, Wordpress
  • Big Commerce
  • Agile Team Management
  • Productivity Software
  • Website Development
  • Developer Training
Certifications & Licenses
  • Google Analytics

About Josh

With several years of coding experience, and in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, among other things, Josh Hooper functions as the brain behind much of Fame’s current and on-going Internet Marketing operations. He handles the side of things that few people ever see, and even fewer could understand.

Josh is usually tasked with training new developers, while still handling big ticket items like full stack web development, and ensuring all back-end SEO optimizations are in place. Josh works hard to make Fame’s client websites come alive, look great, run smoothly, and be in prime position to generate as many leads as possible.

Josh has an ability to work non-stop, while handling whatever emergencies are thrown at him. He thrives on being faced with new challenges, and has proved so far that he can solve any problem that’s placed in front of him. He handles every new challenge with grace and confidence, which is rare for someone with his high level of intelligence and capabilities.

Josh’s coworkers describe him as diligent, resourceful, talented, and as a surprisingly funny person. He doesn’t bring much attention to himself, but he really doesn’t have to - because Fame wouldn’t be what it is today without Josh and his giant brain.

Outside of Fame, Josh is a devoted family man, a talented musician, and an avid learner. He’s spent several years playing guitar professionally, and is consistently developing new skills, while researching problems that haven’t even become problems yet.

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