Ayanna Tillman

Ayanna has been a member of the Fame crew since April of 2018, and has proved to be a very valuable Team Member. In a room full of boisterous extroverts, Ayanna speaks volumes in her own way: by writing descriptive, persuasive, professional web content for new and existing Fame clients.

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Ayanna Tillman - SEO Content Writer

SEO Content Writer

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Always pleasant, always professional, always willing to incorporate new writing mindsets and unconventional approaches, Ayanna Tillman has all the tools to be a Professional Web Content Writer for many years to come.

While SEO content writing has been a fairly recent addition to Ayanna’s skillset, she has taken to it in an outstanding fashion. It doesn’t hurt that Ayanna has been an enthusiastic writer and written storyteller for as long as she can remember. In fact, she published her very own book of poetry at the ripe old age of 15. She also claims to have written over half of Johnny Cash’s original catalogue, but the timeframe doesn’t really add up on that one.

At Fame, Ayanna uses her love for writing and her affection for learning to produce volumes of original SEO content that tells each client’s story as if it were from their own hearts and minds. She enjoys the challenges in strategic storytelling that are presented to her each week, and dives head first into relentlessly researching and digging deep into each client’s past, present, and future so she can better tell their respective stories.

Outside Fame, Ayanna is currently finishing her degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of West Georgia. The well-being and happiness of her family is indeed her top priority. And that sort of affinity for Family is just what the Fame Team is really all about.

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