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Take Time To Tinker

Take Time To Tinker

If you take time to tinker with your site and find yourself needing help, call Fame Marketing. We are here for you!

Author: Isaac Clark
July 31th, 2018

Young Harland was thrust into taking care of his brothers and sisters at much too young of an age. Having to cook for and feed younger siblings at the age of 7 can go very badly. But Harland accepted the challenge, and kept his younger siblings fed and happy. Developing a knack for cooking was more out of necessity than passion, but Harland discovered a gift. In fact, he continued to develop his gift, well into adulthood, en route to acclaimed success. Everyone seemed to love his cooking.

So Harland decided to try and sell his cooking secrets to a national audience. He was told “no” almost immediately. So he tweaked his recipes. But was still told “no.” More tweaking followed. He tweaked the recipe, he tweaked his sales pitch, he tweaked his approach. He tweaked and tinkered until finally, after the 1,009th “no,” he was finally told “yes.” And today, you can enjoy his unique blend of 11 herbs and spices at over 18,000+ global KFC locations.

That’s right! Harland “Colonel” Sanders, at 65 years old, finally found a combination that worked.

At FAME Internet Marketing, where I work, we are constantly tinkering with our own web page. This should probably be expected, since it’s not always best to try out new techniques, designs, or technology on our client’s sites. We’re supposed to leave those alone, once everyone is happy.

You might expect a general contractor’s home residence to be in a perpetual state of remodeling or expansion. You wouldn’t expect your contractor to show back up to your residence with a hammer and nails because he had another idea for your back deck.

The point here is that creative types must have the time, space, and reason to tinker. Robots aren’t innovative. Creative people are. So if you have creative types in your workforce, or your family, you might be better off believing in their tinkering and tweaking and prodding and perfecting and reconfiguring than trying to itemize and toggle their life away. It might be the very thing that brings your company or your family success. Not marginal success. Mind-blowing success. Success that you never imagined. Success that you never could have imagined, because you lacked the imagination. Or you lacked the willingness to tinker.

So take time to tinker. Tweak your tinkers. Give your most creative tweakers time and space to tinker. Do it long enough, and you or they will perfect your craft. Do it long enough, and you can be sitting atop a chicken franchise. Refuse to tinker, or never let your people tweak your formula, and get ready to enjoy a thrilling ride on the marginal to minimal success business roller coaster. Or more like the success tea cups. The choice is yours!

Isaac Clark

Isaac Clark

Account Executive & SEO Strategist at Fame Marketing

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