how did it get this bad

Get A Better Logo

Keep your company fresh in your customer’s minds

Chances are, you may already have a logo. Chances are, your neighbor’s wife’s nephew made it. Ten years ago. Without asking you any questions about you, your business, or what really makes it all tick. It was just a shiny logo. So it doesn’t represent you. It doesn’t represent your business. It looks just as bad on a business card as it does on a hat, or your website. And you’ve always secretly hated it. But there wasn’t anything you could really do about it.


Do you ever wonder what your logo would look like if it burst into flames, or was formed by a waterfall, or just did something cool besides sit there? So does Fame! Here's a few examples of what we call "Logo Stingers." Prepare yourself. It's pretty cool.

how can we fix it?

It's Never Too Late

Like a pencil without graphite. Or like a bow without an arrow. Even like a jelly sandwich without any peanut butter.

A great business without a great logo is missing a key ingredient for success. Fame Marketing is a collection of local, talented folks who have the tools, the skill, the experience, and the creative minds to help you build your most perfect branding. Ever.


If your company is just starting out, or your established company has never had an original logo, we can get you started.


Maybe you have a logo. Maybe it doesn't match what you really do. Or maybe it doesn't match what you do now. We can help.


Take your business to new, exciting heights. Or re-invent your business with an entirely new, professional branding scheme.

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Wayne Stuart

Entrepreneur. Owner. Juice Man. Daily Remedy

“These are perfect guys!”

what this process looks like

Build A Better Brand

Your branding is important to our people.

No local marketing firm goes to as much effort to thoughtfully, meticulously create REAL branding solutions that you, your company, and your customers will all find equally inviting. You just can't beat professional branding.


No cookie-cutter solutions here. Your logo, website, digital design, or print ad will be completely original, & thoughtfully, creatively designed.


Nothing fits quite like a professionally tailored suit. And nothing fits your business quite like a Fame Marketing digital design.


Like the parts to a good song, we agonize over the MOST perfect ingredients to make your branding project a work of art.


Sharp. Detailed. Perfectly contoured from start to finish. Your digital or print design elements are built to impress. And impress, they will.


Fully Responsive, your company's brand-new branding solutions will look good on any device, display medium, or printed material. Any.


Your new branding will be so very fresh, so very clean. No competitor would dare claim to be as dope as your shiny, bustling company.

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Need to Know More?

There’s nothing wrong with being on a need-to-know basis! If you want to know more, we’ve got you!

Inquiring minds want to know what Fame Marketing is really all about. If you’d like to know more about Our Primary Services, Foundational Concepts, Team, or you’d like to check out our latest Douglasville and West Metro Atlanta Community Events, click on any of the specific links below! We want to be your favorite Internet Marketing Company! Check out what we can do for your company today!

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