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Digital Marketing

Fame Internet Marketing is West Georgia and Metro Atlanta’s premier rising web design and digital marketing agency. We are real people, applying real thoughts and ideas to your business, so that you can consistently grow throughout the ever-changing 21st century.

Our Origin Story

There are all kinds of floating stories about Fame Marketing’s origin story.

You might have heard the story about a dozen or so friends who went camping, saw a unicorn spit out lightning, and woke up with web design superpowers. This is obviously a ridiculous, nerd-hero story. But maybe because it’s true?

The truth is, Fame Marketing is made up of real people. Real people who collectively share gifts, abilities, and experiences to help clients reach their marketing potential. Some of Fame’s people met in college. Some were childhood friends. Some are related through blood. Some are related through marriage. Some went to church together. Some played music together. Some have traveled the world. Some have never lived outside of Western Georgia. Some are gifted in writing stories. Some are gifted in telling them. Some are gifted in web design, digital marketing, graphic design, logo creation, or even customer communications. But what all the members of the Fame Team have in common is a passion for using their unique talents, qualifications, and training to bring high-quality services to every one of our clients. The Fame Team of Digital Marketing Experts can help your business, too! Call or contact us to start your next Digital Marketing project!

There are many detailed things you could learn about Fame Internet Marketing and the individuals who make it tick. But you’d rather that we apply our thoughts and energies towards making your business grow. In the spirit of compromise, here’s what we consider to be the Top 3 Things you should know about Our Team.

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Fame Internet Marketing

We Are Here For You. Literally.

Nearly all of our current client-base is located within a 30-mile radius of our West Metro Atlanta offices. Full-engagement clients typically get to meet, in person, most of the Fame team throughout the multiple stages of their marketing engagement. And once we launch, you know you can find someone to help with any ongoing needs you may have for your current or future projects. The “Personal Touch” is part of what makes Fame unique from other Web Design agencies. We’re here for you. Quite Literally.

We’re Real People. Not Robots.

We don’t subcontract our services overseas. We don’t have an “autopilot” setting for web design. We don’t conduct virtual business. We have real offices. In a real office building. And every work day, real people drive in real vehicles to these real offices, and sit in real chairs at real desks to create your new websites, design your new graphics, and tell your company stories. And we do all that to showcase your real business in the best way possible to real customers who need your very real goods and services. Really? Yes, really.

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Fame Marketing - We’re Big on Excellence, but We’re Even Bigger on Balance

There are very many reasons why Fame has become a frontrunner in Metro Atlanta marketing and web design. But there really is only one reason why we’ve been fortunate enough to become successful: cohesive synergy. Our team is comprised of local artists, writers, entrepreneurs, socialites, and Brainiacs. The individual talent level and collective creativity amongst our people means that we come up with some pretty cool stuff to enhance your business marketing campaigns. The level of individual passion means that we can tailor those cool creations to match your business. The level of individual intelligence means that we have the foresight to help you look into your business’s future, and plan for success around corners and over horizons.

Finally, we check ourselves on a pretty consistent basis, lest we should ever hope to wreck ourselves. It’s how we’ve been able to produce higher yielding results than any other marketing company in the West Georgia or West Atlanta area. We hope that your experience with Fame Marketing will be a fruitful, successful venture both now and into the future.