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In a sea of possibilities, it’s important to have a way to navigate the tricky waters of enterprise.

As a business owner who is desperately trying to keep your company afloat, you need a firm grasp on how effective the lead generation methods are that you’re currently using. This can be very difficult to evaluate, but it is absolutely necessary for the life of your business. Patience and Timing are important, but so is knowing when to reboot your strategy. Discerning when your lead generation strategy is absolutely not working, and believing you might need to give it a little longer to marinate, is an inevitable crossroads that every business owner will find themselves starting at.

There is literally no end to the actions that could potentially generate more leads for your business. Here are a few of the ways that local businesses try to scratch up new business leads:

Social Media Blitzes

With the right network in place, and the right scenario that would raise an immediate need for your goods or services, a well-timed Social Media blitz can reap rewards for some business types.

Google AdWord Campaigns

A quick, but potentially pricy way to vault your company to the top of local searches is to invest in a Google AdWord Campaign. It’s pay-per-click though, so it’s often best used to fill in gaps, or to jump start your company’s lull times.

Inbound Marketing

Often based around a specific campaign either via email or social media, Inbound Marketing is based off the concept that offering additional services to your current customers can yield higher profits and a better bottom line.

Local TV Commercial Advertising

If your business specializes in local goods and services, cable-based air time can be quite affordable. Obviously, you would need a commercial to air, but any good marketing company could help you with that, too.


Airplanes can be rented to spell out slogans or sales pitches for your business in the sky. There are few methods more terrible than Skywriting.

Branding Your Logo on a Live Donkey

While branding a live donkey can be enjoyable for both you and the donkey, most of your human customers will hate you. And few of them will ever stumble across your branded donkey.

getting to the top of the list

Long Term Lead Generation

The goal is that when potential customers type certain phrases, or what we call keywords, into an online search, your business will be at or near the top of the list.

In the ever-changing realm of digital media and online marketing, one of the most reliable methods to generate long-lasting leads for your business is Search Engine Optimization. You might have heard this referred to by its industry term, SEO. In essence, SEO is the process by which you, or a marketing agency you’ve hired, will attempt to boost your company’s position in search engine result listings.

SEO - Explained

By this point, you may have completely forgotten about your company’s Facebook page, but the internet most likely hasn’t. You may never notice it, but unless you’ve officially removed or hidden your Social Media pages, they will remain indexed by search engines. Can you guess what a prospective customer is going to run across when they search for your company name online? That’s right! Your beautiful, world-changing, neglected, sad, company Facebook page. Even if you run a tight ship in the real world, a neglected social media page will signal to potential customers that they will also be neglected by your company over time. And sadly, that’s all the convincing some folks need to do business elsewhere.

Which social media outlet is the best for my business? It would be easy for the Fame Team to make a ranking list of the social media outlets we felt were best suited for boosting local business. But a singular list would not apply evenly to every different kind of company. There are certain intrinsic virtues to each individual platform, and we’re sure that someone, somewhere, has successfully used each major social media outlet to enhance their business. The actual answer to this question will vary greatly from business to business, from demographic to demographic, and from geographical location to geographical location.

The Role of Algorithms

How Can Local Business Owners Stay Ahead?

In some places, and for some businesses, Facebook is king. For other business types, a review community, like Angie’s List or Yelp, offers the highest perceived value. An E-Commerce or internet sales company might get more mileage out of Pinterest, Etsy, or a similar platform. Each business should be willing to perform some trial-and-error, and see what individual platform, or perhaps what combination of social media platforms, would work to enhance their business the most.

you’re not on your own

Local SEO Specialists

You can bet that at some point during every single day, our team members are discovering something new and different about SEO trends, and using that new knowledge to benefit our clients.

Fame Marketing - Your Partner in Lead Enhancement

Frankly, Fame Marketing doesn’t succeed if your business doesn’t succeed. There are many tools, skills, and processes that our entire team can utilize in order to help bring plentiful, viable leads to your business. Some of those processes are very visible and offer instant gratification, like graphic design. Other processes are hidden, and take patience, time, strategy, and a willingness to change what needs to change at any point of the process in order to produce more satisfactory results. Search Engine Optimization is one of those on-going, behind the scenes processes that might not seem flashy at first, but with a little time, can yield substantial results for your business for years to come.

Take the Next Step

So what are your company’s long-term plans for continued lead generation? How do you distinguish a temporary increase in traffic volume from viable lead generation? How can you do more than just survive in the sea of possibilities, but actually thrive? If you’d like to know more about what Fame Marketing can do for your business through SEO or any of our other services, please contact us. We can’t wait to help your company grow!

getting to the top of the list

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