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Facebook has implemented some changes recently that are new and exciting! Along with ensuring that our clients are kept in the loop with new changes happening, we are working hard to keep them from having to really think about it by making sure their page is kept up to date and optimized for the newest trends.

Updated Rating System

The first and largest of these updates is that Facebook no longer allows star ratings. They are now only allowing, “Recommendations.” All star ratings will be kept visible from the past. Basically, when you go to a business’s page on their ratings section, you’ll be asked, “Do you recommend this business?” You’ll be able to say Yes or No and then give explanations for your recommendation. This allows potential customers to easily see which businesses reliable and which ones are not. Along with this new feature, comes a few new options:

  • You can now add photos to your recommendation, allowing users to thoroughly display their good or bad experience.
  • They have added a tagging feature with a set selection of options to establish trends in recommendations. These trends will tag that business for search queries by users. For example, if your business gets tagged for “Great Service,” enough times, that will start showing up as a commonly used term for them.
  • Last but certainly not least, they are making it easier than ever to report spam. For example, if a company has a disgruntled former employee or competitor that wanted to spam them, Facebook allows that company to explain the situation to Facebook for review and potential removal.

New Business Page Layout

The second change is that Facebook is updating their business page template options and they will be more active in ensuring each page is using the right template. We are already receiving notices that page templates are being automatically updated to the most recent, applicable template. The best thing that a business can do in ensuring that they are using their page to best represent their business is to go to the template options in your business page settings and make sure your template is set to the right business category. If you own a restaurant, you should have your template set to restaurant so that you can have a “Menu” option in your settings. If you have a non-profit organization, you should be using the non-profit template so that you can add a “Donate” button.

If you have any questions about how to best optimize your Facebook page or if you want someone in your corner to keep you and your business page up-to-date with the most recent social media changes, call Fame! We offer everything from consultations and strategy development to full social media monitoring and posting. Our social media experts are here for YOU!

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