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Want to know what goes into Brand Building & Recognition?

If Your Business Website Isn’t Accomplishing These 4 Major Things, Your Company Won’t Survive the Future

These days, before a potential customer decides to use a company for whatever good or service they need, they often go through a very distinct process of evaluation. Maybe a better word for this would be “stalking.” If your online reputation has been neglected, or is unappealing, 82% of potential customers will immediately look elsewhere for the goods or services they need.

If your online presence is in good enough standing order, potential clients might actually start the rigorous process of digging deep into your company website for more information about what your company does, who the people are that make up your company, and how effectively & efficiently the people at your company accomplish services or produce goods. Research shows that your company MUST maximize the following 4 things, especially through your online presence, to increase your chance of gaining these new, modern customers.

  • Brand Awareness:
    Buzz. Reputation. Word of Mouth. You must find some way to get YOUR business in FRONT of potential customers. Your business name is obviously important. But bridging the gap between name recognition and BRAND recognition is the key factor. Your company benefits in some ways just from being visible, but when it is clear what good or service that your company provides, your business can then begin to demonstrate effective Brand Awareness.
    Bottom Line: If your business is prominently featured in your prime target areas, and customers eventually need the good or service you provide, they’ll think of your company immediately.

  • Brand Identity:
    This concept is a two-sided coin. Your brand must:
    • Affirm the value of the goods or services potential clients are looking for
    • Confirm that your company provides the desired good or service
    Bottom Line: Matching customer needs with your ability to meet those needs is the only way to really do business. If people don’t need or want what you have or do, it doesn’t matter how highly they think of you or your company. They will never have a reason to directly do business with you.

  • Perceived Brand Quality:
    Once a potential client has established they desire a specific good or service and trust that your company provides that good or service, potential clients will then begin the process of validation. This involves the potential client evaluating whether your company:
    • Has provided that particular good or service in the past (past proof of your work)
    • Has a successful track record of providing that good or service (proof that a high percentage of current/former clients have been satisfied)
    • Still provides the desired good or service at a high-level (proof that you haven’t lost a step, especially for a long-standing company)
    • Can be trusted to meet their specific standards (meeting expectations of price, quality, delivery time, guarantee/warranty/return policy)
    Bottom Line: The good news about potential customers being this far in the process is that they are seriously entertaining the idea of doing business with you. The bad news is that a poor representation of your company, your past work, your employees, or your capabilities, will turn the perceived reputation unfavorably against your company. Fast.

  • Brand Activation:
    This is the part where quick and simple are most important. Decide what your PRIMARY objective is, and tailor your entire page structure (the content, the design, the hierarchy of displayed items) to make that objective clear, attractive, and as simple to accomplish as possible. Too much talking and you can miss it. Too many distractions and you can lose it. Keep things simple and easy to find. Nothing hidden. Nothing secret.
    • Are you hoping for customer contact?
      Make your contact form simple, attractive, and obvious.
    • Are you hoping for a direct purchase?
      Make your checkout process simple, smooth, and clear.
    • Are you hoping for a subscription for free resources?
      Make the process obvious, simple, and quick.
    Bottom Line: Regardless of the action you were hoping for, or how long you waited for it, or how smoothly the process worked, the clock is now ticking. Drag your feet on responding, and customers will move on. They won’t care if your email server was down, if you were on vacation, or if squirrels chewed your internet cables.

The amount of time it takes a client to move on from considering your company is INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the time it take you to respond to their inquiry. Respond quickly, and you’re one step closer to gaining a new client. Respond slowly, or unfavorably, and they will move along—quickly.

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At Fame Internet Marketing, we pay special attention to the online, local, and regional reputation of your company. We have great methods in place for your entire Reputation Management goals, whether they be Brand Awareness, Brand Identity, Brand Association, Perceived Quality, Brand Loyalty, or Perceived Customer Experience. If you would like to know more about Fame’s Reputation Management practices, or what an experienced local advertising agency can do for your already great local business, call or contact our experts today! We’re the local Advertising Agency that cares about your Reputation Management!

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