Marcus Inyang

Marcus joined the Fame Family in August of 2015, and since then, his talents and skills have become a huge asset to every new adventure he encounters at Fame. When you meet Marcus, you’ll immediately notice his giftedness in communication, especially in the part of communication folks usually forget about, which is the “listening” part.

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Marcus Inyang - Marketing and Sales Strategist

Marketing + Sales Strategist

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When you’re talking to Marcus, you feel like he is genuinely interested and engaged in whatever you’re talking about. Perhaps that’s because he actually IS interested and engaged in what people have to say. Marcus truly has a heart for people, and a heart for helping business owners truly connect with current and prospective clients. That is one reason why Marcus has succeeded in every single role he’s taken on at Fame.

What many people may not know about Marcus is that he is extremely talented in the arts! He excels at painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, and creating beautiful things. His art skills are so compelling, Marcus draws the characters for Fame’s hand-drawn videos. In a room full of artistic people, Marcus is usually called upon to draw things that involve people, or personified objects. For instance, he is the designated “Original Mascot” designer for all of Fame’s clients. His talent knows no bounds.

Marcus is someone who truly loves people, and values creating a quality experience for all current and prospective clients at Fame. His coworkers describe him as inspiring, compassionate, people-oriented, talented, and visionary. Outside of Fame, there’s no denying that God, ministry, and his lovely wife, Bianca, are always closest to Marcus’ heart..

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