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Marketing Services

Are you looking for Online Marketing Services, SEO content marketing, digital marketing, or other advertising services from a company you can trust? Fame Marketing, Inc. has the skills and experience to meet your business marketing needs.

Reputation Management

At Fame Internet Marketing, we pay special attention to the online, local, and regional reputation of your company. We have great methods in place for your entire Reputation Management goals, whether they be Brand Awareness, Brand Identity, Brand Association, Perceived Quality, Brand Loyalty, or Perceived Customer Experience. If you would like to know more about Fame’s Reputation Management practices, or what an experienced local advertising agency can do for your already great local business, call or contact our experts today! We’re the local Advertising Agency that cares about your Reputation Management!

Brand Building & Recognition

If your online presence is in good enough standing order, potential clients might actually start the rigorous process of digging deep into your company website for more information about what your company does, who the people are that make up your company, and how effectively & efficiently the people at your company accomplish services or produce goods. Research shows that your company MUST maximize the following 4 things, especially through your online presence, to increase your chance of gaining these new, modern customers.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Identity
  • Perceived Brand Quality
  • Brand Activation
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One of the biggest advancements in the recent history of Fame Marketing is the application of thorough, intentional, in-depth Marketing Planning. This isn’t your typical marketing planning session where we tell you our skillset, blindly apply it to your business, and hope that something sticks. Our advanced marketing planning is designed to engage your team for the purpose of bringing clarity to your marketing efforts for both the immediate future and the long-term future of your company.

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At Fame Marketing, we take thoughtful approaches to solving the problems our clients encounter. If a client wants more leads, we have succeeded at generating those, many times over. By utilizing our experience in website design, SEO, Paid Advertising, social media, and many more tools, we can increase the number of individuals who will see your business, and hopefully consider doing business with you.

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Domain Research & Management

One of the first and most vital steps in your entire online marketing process is Domain Research & Domain Management. Fame Internet Marketing has more been more successful than all other local Online Marketing Agencies at aggressively, and thoughtfully, Researching and Managing Domains.

Designed for Business

Since the very beginning, Fame Internet Marketing has made it our primary aim to focus on helping the businesses and entrepreneurs in and around our localized region. We feel that the personal touch we add to small business website design elements really helps make your Web Development feel uniquely designed for your local business! In a world of cookie-cutter, Do-It-Yourself Web Development options, it’s nice to know that someone is still on the side of our local businesses.

Web Development

At Fame, we believe that really great websites have certain key elements that make them stand apart from your competition’s websites. We implement our unique web design elements in a manner that makes your new business website beautiful, easy to navigate, simple to understand, and attractive to your target audience. We know you need your site to be a beautiful showpiece, but you also need your Web Design elements to generate viable, authentic traffic to your business.

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Keyword Strategy Development

If you are unfamiliar with the term SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. The short meaning of this term involves getting your business to rank higher for certain keywords, when those words are typed into the search bars of Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines that consumers use.

Website SEO Optimization

Successful Web Design in Modern Enterprise Is About So Much More than Aesthetically Pleasing Graphic Design Elements. Successful Web Design in the 21st Century is Optimized SEO Web Design

Local Search Optimization

If Global SEO is a constantly changing beast, then Local Search Optimization is an even more rapidly changing institution. This logic resides in the fact that local consumers will be much more adept at screening top local results for actual legitimacy, verses a broader market result that might not be as adeptly screened by end users.

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Competitive Analysis

For great long-term results online, your business can benefit over the long haul by starting your web presence with the help of an experienced SEO Strategist. For an innovative, creative team of SEO Strategists, call or contact Metro Atlanta’s fastest growing SEO Company, Fame Internet Marketing.

Target Market & Client Identification

Internet Marketing Georgia If you live or work in West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, or Anywhere Else in Georgia, and you Need Internet Marketing Services, Fame Internet Marketing Can Help! From Target Marketing & Client Identification, to Web Design, PPC Campaigns, and so much more! Fame has your Internet Marketing needs covered!

Custom Content Creation

For successful, highly-valued Website Content, your Marketing Company needs to work with experienced, intelligent Custom Content Creation writers. Fame Internet Marketing has the Custom Content Creation artists you need to help your Website Content succeed in today’s internet market!

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Call and Lead-Generation Tracking

Your business website should probably be accomplishing several different things for your business. Ultimately, you want your site to accurately represent the most professional, most appealing side of your business. You also want your site to be built in a way that’s appealing to search engine algorithms, so that you organically show up for more search engine results.

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Instruction & Coaching

At Fame Internet Marketing, we have a firm grasp of the ever-changing landscape of Social Media Marketing, and what it could mean for your business. We make it a point to stay current on local, regional, and national industry standards for Small Business Social Media Marketing.

Account Management

These days, everybody seems to be on Social Media, including your business. But how can your business turn the corner for Social Media Marketing?

Paid Social Media Ad Creation & Promotion

What does the heightened emphasis on Paid Ads through Social Media mean for your Small Business’s organic content results? It can mean a lot of things. Fame can help you stay on top of what Social Media Paid Advertisements can do for your business, how to create paid ads, and when to launch.

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Paid Ads can be quite a valuable asset for a business owner. Set them up right, and your ads can boost your company right in front of the customers you want. Even if folks see your paid ad but don’t click on it, you’re at least making an impression, and furthering your brand. But make one little mistake, and you could be paying handsomely for a very ugly return on your investment.

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Today, companies spend many years and millions of dollars launching, changing, or solidifying their brand. Symbols, words, artwork, creative concepts, specific colors, and many other things can go into just the visual side of branding. Fame Marketing works hand in hand with our clients to understand their truest identity, or at least the identity they’d like to display. We then use our joint skillsets to help them launch, modify, or enhance their branding in order to meet their future goals.

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Logo Design

A great business without a great logo is missing a key ingredient for success. Fame Marketing is a collection of local, talented folks who have the tools, the skill, the experience, and the creative minds to help you build your most perfect branding. Ever.

Print materials strategies and production

The last 10 years have proved that nothing in the Digital Marketing Era will totally eradicate the need for Advertising Agencies who can create high-quality Printed Advertisement Materials. If your company has the need for Print Material Strategies & Production, Fame Internet Marketing can help!

Mascot Creation

Mascots can be created from the company or organizational name, or they can be imagined out of thin air. Mascots can even be created by the antagonist of the company or organization, like when a pest control company uses a rodent as their mascot. Mascot Creation can take many forms and manifestations from a huge variety of inspirations, but one thing is true of all successful Mascot Creation projects: it’s definitely not an easy undertaking.

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Studio & On-Location Photography

When you were a kid, everybody got geared up for Picture Day. At Fame Internet Marketing, we like to prove that Studio & On-Location Photography can still be exciting! Call Fame for award-winning, globally-recognized Commercial Photography that will add value to your Company’s Repuation.

Product Photography

If you need a professional Product Photographer to showcase your inventory, goods, or products, Fame Internet Marketing has the professionals available to you and your business that will capture the best essence of your goods or products.

Event Coverage

Event Photography is a unique form of corporate photography that can really enhance your special events, and make memories that can last a lifetime. If your company or organization needs Event Photography for advertisement or website purposes, Fame Internet Marketing can help!

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Video Capture

The combination of audio and visual stimulus can be a very effective way to convince viewers of whatever point you’re trying to make. But as many company owners have discovered, Company Videos may not always change the world in the same way they might have dreamed of. And usually, that is because it truly takes a lot of time, effort, agony, and resources to make truly quality video projects.

Script Writing & Voiceover

You could talk about your business for hours. But could you effectively tell the story of your business in 30 seconds? 1 minute? For radio or television? Regionally? Locally? Commercial Script Writing could get hairy in a hurry if you’re not careful! If you need help with Script Writing & Voiceover, call Fame!

Commercial Broadcast & Tradeshow Ads

Fame Internet Marketing is one of the #1 most trusted Corporate Video Production Companies in West Georgia, Northwest Georgia, and Metro Atlanta. If you are looking for Broadcast Quality Commercials, or Tradeshow Video Advertisements, Fame Internet Marketing has the skill, experience, and desire to excel at creating your next Corporate Video project.

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Fame Marketing, Inc. is centrally located West of Atlanta, in the heart of Douglasville, Georgia. We are dedicated to the success of your business. Our branding experts are committed to the idea that a well-built and fully-marketed website is a central part of today’s most successful, longest-lasting businesses. We can help your business succeed!


From local markets to the masses abroad, every business benefits from better Search Engine Optimization. Fame’s SEO practices have helped businesses climb the ladder of Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings. Wherever you currently rank, Fame’s advanced SEO strategy and algorithm expertise can help your business rank higher, and generate greater potential revenue streams.


Effective Internet Marketing can involve many more things than just utilizing a great website, but at the end of the day, your company will never reach it’s full marketing potential without a great-looking, user-friendly, well-optimized site. Whether you use it as a springboard for conversation, or you directly generate income from it, a new Website from Fame will always yield incredible ROI.


Look Good. Feel Good. Play Good. That’s the motto of many professional athletes around the world. The same principle applies to your online and offline marketing materials. Sure, you can have a certain level of success without outstanding, innovative, well-optimized design elements. But imagine how effective your business could be if you had Fame’s award-winning Design on your side?

Social Media

Love it or Loathe it, Social Media has changed the way we humans interact with each other. It has changed how we stay in touch, how we share information, how we express our opinions, and even how we spend our time and money. If your business won’t meet people where they’re at, how can you expect to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of American interactivity? Let Fame help!

What Is So Special About Fame Internet Marketing?

There are several key characteristics that we believe set Fame Marketing apart from other marketing firms. Perhaps the most important is the level of understanding we have for customers who own or operate a small business. We understand the late nights. We understand the early mornings. We understand the hustle. We understand disappointment, and growing, and moving on. We understand success, even in failure. We understand more now than we ever have. And we understand that we still have more to learn. We understand that the single most important thing in the entire internet marketing world is still people. Our clients. Our customers. They are our neighbors. They are our friends. When you decide to partner with Fame Marketing, you and your business become an extension of the Fame family. And we want your business to succeed, just like we were all one big, family-based company.

Generate Viable Leads with SEO and Local Optimization

We are dedicated to helping your local or regional business with your most important marketing needs. If your biggest needs involve building your brand, we have all the digital marketing, design, and strategy tools you need. If you feel like the street facing side of your business is in good standing, but the internet facing side of your business needs work, we can help with that, too. If you feel your SEO (or search engine optimization, based primarily on Google search results) is lacking, you've come to the right place. Even if you're looking for a marketer to help with email marketing, Google AdWords, making your site Mobile friendly, print advertising, article writing, case studies, guides, digital design, E-Commerce sites, video ads, or any other kind of online marketing or strategic brand building, Fame is here for you!

Real Marketing Solutions from a Real, Local, Marketing Company

Most new Fame customers are surprised to see we are an actual company, with an actual office, that contains actual people, who are actually working. We may specialize in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, digital marketing, and SEO, but our services are rendered in a very personal, people-first setting. We still believe in the goodness of face-to-face marketing. Many advertising agencies treat their customers in a very impersonal manner. That is one of the reasons why Fame Marketing has made considerable effort to work with companies who can stop by the office if they need to see us, or pick up the phone and contact us. To date, nearly 100% of our initial content meetings are conducted in person. You can search far and wide, but you won't find a digital marketing company who puts as much emphasis on personal service as Fame Internet Marketing.

Custom-Built Marketing Services, Designed Just for You

We work with every Fame customer to make sure that they are taking full advantage of the online marketing, social media, and other tools necessary to prosper in today’s business environment. We intentionally offer a wider range of services than most traditional advertising firms in order to incorporate the marketing strategies and tools necessary in today’s online marketplace. We want to help your business attract new customers, while solidifying your brand with your existing customers. We listen to your present needs and your future desires, so we can learn where your business has been, and where you want it to grow. We will then help devise the best digital marketing strategy for brand success, and launch your company's best-fit, personalized marketing efforts.

Fame’s Marketing services include, but are definitely not limited to

  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Reputation Management
  • Original Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing (email marketing)
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • AdWord Campaign Strategy & Content
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital Marketing and Design
  • Brand Recognition
  • Online Advertisements
  • Article Blogging
  • Print Advertising
  • Conversion Optimization & Tracking
  • Mobile Marketing

Let’s Get Started on YOUR Next Marketing Strategy!

In short, Fame Marketing can help you plan and create custom content, design a quality website, ensure your site is well exposed on major search engines, and help you receive the full benefits of social media marketing. You can search for another locally-based internet marketing company with the combination of SEO experience, social media knowledge, content creating skills, graphic design skills, and creative business strategy skills as Fame. And you might find a group of digital marketers who can help you grow. But you'll never find another Internet Marketing company quite like Fame Marketing, Inc. Contact us today!

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