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Mathew C. Young became a member of the Fame Family in late 2019, more than 18 years after the events of September 11, 2001. His impact is still being gauged. A 2006 graduate of Chapel Hill High School, Mathew went to college at Fulfill the Call Ministry School, and eventually became the lead pastor at Chapelhill Church – Bremen Campus. Mathew has been a welcome addition to the Fame family thus, and the potential of his nurturing influence brings an array of exciting possibilities.

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Mathew Young - Ads Specialist and Graphic Designer

Mathew. Not Mat. Mathew.

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Mathew is one of those rare individuals who brags about liking to solve problems that no one else wants to solve. He considers himself to be funny, adventurous, thoughtful, and crazy humble. Obviously. He believes that he’s not doing his job if every room is not better because he’s in it. That puts a lot of pressure on his visits to Truck Stop Bathrooms.

Mathew is one of those people who has greatly benefitted from nerdy things in his childhood becoming cool things inside the nostalgia of adulthood. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, he’s used that super-nerd streak to help him quickly gain certifications in Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and Google Analytics.

At Fame, Mathew loves making people believe he’s really listening to them. In reality, he’s just tall, and good at hum-nodding. He has literally made a career off this combination of skills and gifts. Mathew enjoys double-fisting the Red Bull that’s abundantly supplied at Fame. He also enjoys the fact that he’s able to be involved in numerous creative projects with other brilliantly creative people.

Outside Fame, Mathew enjoys spending time with his wife, Charity, and their three kids, Brendan, Deklan, and the other one. He regularly challenges strangers to pick-up soccer games in the greater Bremen, GA area, which is always a good idea. A self-proclaimed movie enthusiast, Mathew is a good egg, and a heckuva conversation. He also enjoys camping, reading, youtubing, and all things that are good. He wants to be remembered as someone who gave everything for the good of others.

For your free $100 from Mathew’s pocket, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Mathew’s Money, c/o Fame Internet Marketing, Douglasville, GA. But really, don’t expect anything in return. Except maybe free hugs.

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