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Few practices are as vital to the future of your company as thoughtful, intentional branding. We can help set your branding on the right path.

Branding in Its Literal Form

Since the days of Ancient Egypt, we have proof that humans have embraced the importance of branding. Although now we brand way more than just cattle, the original concept is still firmly embedded in our modern practices. A symbol that was branded on a cow represented a certain name, and that name was representative of a specific feeling or characteristic regarding the quality, size, or prominence of the cow, especially when contrasted with other cows.

Modern Branding Concepts

Today, companies spend many years and millions of dollars launching, changing, or solidifying their brand. Symbols, words, artwork, creative concepts, specific colors, and many other things can go into just the visual side of branding. Fame Marketing works hand in hand with our clients to understand their truest identity, or at least the identity they’d like to display. We then use our joint skillsets to help them launch, modify, or enhance their branding in order to meet their future goals.

When you choose Fame Marketing to help with your Brand Management, you can expect more than just a graphic design. You will get thoughtful, carefully chosen Brand Guidelines that provide an overview of your brand, while providing proper use case and specifications for use across multiple channels and mediums. Included in your guidelines will be specific choices and resources for typography, color palette, logo design, logo modification options, custom photography, styling guides, classifications for print, classifications for website and social media, and much more.

Brand Management and Marketing

In marketing, brand management is a concept we always hear a lot about. This may involve the visual concepts mentioned above, but launching the visual elements of a brand is quite different from managing a brand. Brand Management involves analyzing the perception of a specific company, then attempting to either embrace that perception, cultivate it, or persuade the masses that the perception is untrue. If you need to brand or re-brand your business, you’ve come to the right place. Fame Marketing has a successful track record for helping new and established businesses enhance, solidify, or completely revamp their branding.

Take Your Branding to the Next Level with Fame

Companies can help their own brand management by performing quality work, by providing outstanding customer service, and other similar business practices. Even things that seem unrelated to the function of the business, like promoting a family-type atmosphere or engaging in charity work, can reinforce the positive aspects of your brand, and hopefully entice decision makers to lean your way when deciding between your company and your competition. Whether your intentions are to reinforce your brand, reinvent your brand, or resurrect your brand, remember that launching your brand will be much more successful with a consultation from Fame Marketing.