Corporate Video Production
Video Production

Corporate Video Production

If you really want to showcase your business for website advertisement or commercial production, few things give users the visual gratification that corporate video production can give! Fame can help!

The Advantages of Video Elements on Your Business Website

Right out of the gate, business owners should know that moving visuals on your company’s website homepage increases engagement by almost 500%! It’s one thing to work hard to drive traffic to your corporate website. But if you aren’t engaging with potential customers when they arrive, your bounce rates will be off the charts, and you’ve essentially wasted your good efforts to improve your SEO rankings. If Google, Bing, and Yahoo begin to notice that your bounce rates are off the charts, that’s exactly where they could start plummeting your site rankings, except this time it would be right past the bottom of the charts. So, as you can see, besides just being an attractive way to showcase your business, Corporate Video Production can contribute to improved and prolonged user patterns on your site, which increases your chance to convert visitors into customers, and customers into long-term clients. Video makes everything better in more ways than you could have ever imagined! It obviously helps to have great video shooting and editing, if you’re going to try it at all. When you’re thinking about your next Corporate Video Production, consider Fame Internet Marketing!

A Day in the Life of Your Business - Television Commercials and Web Advertisements

Chances are, when your company embarks on a Commercial Video project, you’ll have plenty of ideas from every person inside your company, and a few from those outside your company. There are most likely hundreds of different ways you could showcase your great business. The challenge is weeding through the myriad of possibilities, and picking the best ideas. But perhaps it’s most important to intersect your best ideas with the capabilities of your actors, your capturing capabilities, and your editing capabilities. People are always floored at just how lengthy of a process that shooting and editing videos is…at least until they try to conquer it themselves. But just like really good photography, really good storytelling, or bullet-proof songwriting, it takes many takes, many passes, and a lot of editing time to make amateur actors look like professionals. Really good television commercials and web advertisements take a ton of time and effort. With the right time and resources, you next Commercial Project can be GREAT! Fame Internet Marketing can help!

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What other Video Elements Can Fame Internet Marketing Create for My Business?

Logo Stingers Bring Your Corporate Logo to Life

What’s cooler than a motionless, boring logo? How about a newly redesigned logo that bursts into flames or is carved out of steel or something else awesome? Logo Stings and Logo Stingers are the names typically given by video editors to the cool, motion-based effects that we can perform on your Company Logo. These can really help with branding and consistency, and can make your company look pretty cool!

Hand-drawn Videos Can Really Illustrate Your Business’s Story

Not every Marketing Company has the kind of in-house talent it takes to write, script, draw, and voiceover your next Hand-Drawn Video Project. But as long as people continue to be drawn to the Hand-Drawn video format, Fame Internet Marketing will keep offering them to your business!

Drone Footage Offers a View of Grandeur and Grace for Your Business

One of our favorite tools to use for outdoor businesses like Roofing Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Golfing Resorts, and more, is the aesthetically beautiful Drone Footage. Useful for front page background videos or for showcasing your capabilities on a grand scale, Fame has the ability to shoot and edit smooth, beautiful drone footage for your next Video!