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Conversion Tracking

If your Web Design & SEO management company doesn’t monitor your various forms of Conversion Tracking, you could be missing out on turning your online traffic into viable customer conversions!

To Get Better Return on Investment (ROI) for Your Company, Get Fame’s Conversion Tracking!

Your business website should probably be accomplishing several different things for your business. Ultimately, you want your site to accurately represent the most professional, most appealing side of your business. You also want your site to be built in a way that’s appealing to search engine algorithms, so that you organically show up for more search engine results. But what a lot of web design companies miss out on is turning random online traffic into viable business customers. At Fame Internet Marketing, we believe your site should be accomplishing a myriad of things, including Brand Awareness, Brand Information, and Branding Validation. But without effective Calls to Action, or without ample opportunities for potential customers to take action, all your web design efforts have practically been in vain.

Conversion Tracking from Fame Internet Marketing is Your #1 Way to Measure Online Success

Your Web Design Company can speculate all they want about target audiences, and user platforms, and searcher intent, and everything else that goes into projecting people patterns on the internet. But without adequate conversion tracking on your company website, your data will always be speculative. Without Call and Lead-Generation Tracking, for instance, your best guess will always be your best guess.

If your only real on-going expenses are for your company website, that’s one thing. But if you are consistently pushing down the throttle on potentially expensive pay per click items like Google AdWords or Facebook Advertisements, you want to ensure that the clicks you’re paying for are actually utilizing your services, or purchasing your products. Whatever method or combination of methods you choose in order to gain more customers, Fame Internet Marketing has the Conversion Tracking experts to help guide you towards making sound, productive business decisions. With advanced metric tracking like Event Tracking, Goal Conversion Tracking, Call Tracking, and other forms of Lead Tracking and Lead-Generation Tracking, Fame can truly enhance your company’s ROI.

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Effective Conversion Tracking Can Help Your Company Avoid Diminishing Returns or Money Pits

Far too often, pay per click advertising gives a false positive in regards to actual online customer conversions. For instance, if you embark on an adwords campaign, and you observe a massive spike in your website traffic, you might think the campaign was successful, and continue to hold down the throttle. But what if the people clicking through to your site are actually looking for another good or service? What if they head to your site, and immediately bounce away, thinking that they’ve made a mistake in heading to your site?

For your final bill from Google, it won’t matter if the people that came to your site actually chose to do business with you, or if they saw what they perceived to be your business offerings, then hit the road. You’ll be charged for the amount of times someone clicked on your advertisement; hence the phrase “pay per click.” Working with an experienced digital marketing company in today’s ultra-competitive digital marketplace can be overwhelming. But as many Metro Atlanta business owners have discovered, it’s great to have a team of conversion tracking experts on your side who will not only let you know how your online media is performing and converting, but what you can do to help move the needle in your company’s favor. If you need the assistance of Metro Atlanta’s favorite local Conversion Tracking experts, call or contact Fame Internet Marketing, today!