Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Fame Marketing can use paid advertisement to enhance your total marketing efforts, and accelerate your company to the top.

How Do Businesses Utilize Paid Advertisement?

Many business owners use paid advertisement as an enhancement to solid SEO practices. For instance, if organic traffic is down, or lead generation rate is down, someone might turn to Google PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads to try and fill in that gap. Owners who have many employees and need a steady workflow in order to keep those employees happy and busy might use PPC to ensure a certain amount of leads during lean times.

For instance, the owner of an HVAC company in Georgia might turn to Paid Advertisement during the winter months, when workflow naturally dips. Whereas they wouldn’t need to ensure the extra leads during hot southern summers, when HVAC companies usually get all the calls they can handle. For home service companies especially, keeping solid technicians employed is of paramount importance, both for their current operations and their future. Fame excels in managing all or part of these PPC campaigns for our clients.

Paid Advertisement – A Sharp Asset for Business Owners

Paid Ads can be quite a valuable asset for a business owner. Set them up right, and your ads can boost your company right in front of the customers you want. Even if folks see your paid ad but don’t click on it, you’re at least making an impression, and furthering your brand. But make one little mistake, and you could be paying handsomely for a very ugly return on your investment.

Because most of these ads are pay-per-click, your costs could add up in a hurry. You’ve probably heard horror stories by now! We recently encountered a company who accidentally had their ads displaying on a children’s game. When the ad jumped in front of the game display, kids were clicking on it, not knowing it wasn’t part of the game. Oh, did we mention this was a sewer repair company? Not a lot of kids are interested in that! Luckily, the mistake was caught before too much damage was done. But it was still a pretty steep bath!

Fame Marketing Has Expert Paid Advertising Management

When we manage Google Adword campaigns for our clients, we go through many checkpoints to help ensure mistakes like that won’t happen. It helps when a majority of our people are officially Google Adwords certified. We have the experience, expertise, and the marketing awareness to help our clients get the highest ROI possible from paid ads.

While Google PPC is the biggest paid ad tool available for most business owners, there are many other forms of Paid Advertisement than just Google Adwords. Other popular online formats include Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, Bing Ads, YouTube Advertising, and so on. Snapchat, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more online platforms offer some manner of paid advertising. Fame Marketing excels in any format of paid ads you’re interested in utilizing to grow your business. Whether you have short-range or long-range plans in mind for Paid Advertisements, Fame is the Paid Ad Management company you want.