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Commercial Photography

When you were a kid, everybody got geared up for Picture Day. At Fame Internet Marketing, we like to prove that Studio & On-Location Photography can still be exciting! Call Fame for award-winning, globally-recognized Commercial Photography that will add value to your Company’s Repuation.

Studio Photography for Your Business – Fame Internet Marketing

If you’re looking to solidify your branding, modify your branding, or personify your great local business, few things accomplish that like Studio Photography by Fame Internet Marketing. Really good portrait photography has a completely different set of customer expectations than candid building and production shots, and Commercial Photography experts from Fame know exactly what it takes to excel in Studio and Portrait Photography. For one thing, Portrait Photography typically takes more business planning, because it takes dedicated time slots for prepping and taking your corporate headshots. From a customer standpoint, Studio Photography and Portrait Photography are points of pride. The last thing you want is for your Corporate Headshots to be taken by some uncaring photographer. Fame cares about your Photos!

Tell the Story of Your Great Business With on-location Photography From Fame Internet Marketing

Commercial Photography can be fun, but only if you’re willing and able to perform on-location photography as well as your own studio photography. Your business, to online viewers, is personified by the “Internet-Facing” side of your business. Even if people are familiar with your business on a personal level, it can be hard to get past a business website that is primitive, old, outdated, or ill-representative of what your business does, and who makes up your company. The Commercial Photography experts from Fame Internet Marketing excel at telling the story of your business in the most professional, attractive light possible. We gladly come to your jobsites, your place of business, or wherever your company is truly in the zone. We can capture the essence of your company through professional still photography, harness photography, mechanical sliders, video footage, drone footage, or whatever will best capture your company.

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What Can Commercial Photography Do for Your Business?

If you intend on having a legitimate Internet presence in your respective community, Commercial Photography is one of the most important items on the list. Or at least it should be. High-Quality, original images of your business, your store front, your people, your jobsites, your community interactions, your goods, or your services can be the difference between someone really knowing what your business does and having no clue if your business is even real. Similarly, if you already have commercial images that are poor quality, non-descriptive, or insufficient for modern web use, it will reflect poorly on your company.

Show What You Can Do

New, Crisp, Clean, Storytelling Pictures can close the gap quickly between people having no idea what you do, and people know exactly what you do. The good news about people knowing exactly what you do is that when they need that particular good or service, and they have seen proof that you provide it, they are far more likely to contact your business than if they had no idea what you or your company did.

Showcase Who You Are

People are 97% more likely to interact with a company that at least appears to be comprised of people than companies governed completely by robots. Even if you offer a robot-based service, it’s important to prove that a person is still commissioning the robots to perform their services, instead of the robots taking completely over. Fame can help personify your business online, so they come closer to your services, and don’t run away in fear.

Show That You Care

Whether it’s through community organization pictures, or just general shots of you helping out customers, Commercial Photography can help not only prove that your company is made up of humans, but that those humans are pleasant and nice. That principle applies to both local customers, and customers abroad. Being a human is great. Being a nice human is greater. Let Fame Internet Marketing prove that your company is greater!

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