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In the age of Digital Marketing, your reputation is everything. Especially your Online Reputation. Online reviews and 5-Star Ratings have replaced the old word-of-mouth reputation that a company used to obtain over time. Well, maybe online reviews and ratings haven’t completely replaced the old ways of measuring a company’s reputation, but they have definitely influenced how people think and feel about your business.

A 2017 study by Bright Local confirmed that up to 97% of consumers look online for local businesses. The same study showed that 85% of consumers have the same confidence in an online review as they would a personal recommendation. From the national stage, to your local market, Online Reputation Management is most definitely something worth thinking about. Unfortunately for most businesses, they don’t think about Reputation Management until something negative happens.

But really, shouldn’t the point of Reputation Management be to prevent negative things from happening, and not just trying to pick up the pieces after an assault on your company has left your reputation in shambles? If positive reviews make ¾ of potential consumers trust a company more, and nearly ½ of potential consumers needing a 4-star or higher rating before they do business with a new company, then we most definitely live in an era where online reputation is important for the continued growth of your company.

At Fame Internet Marketing, we pay special attention to the online, local, and regional reputation of your company. We have great methods in place for your entire Reputation Management goals, whether they be Brand Awareness, Brand Identity, Brand Association, Perceived Quality, Brand Loyalty, or Perceived Customer Experience. If you would like to know more about Fame’s Reputation Management practices, or what an experienced local advertising agency can do for your already great local business, call or contact our experts today! We’re the local Advertising Agency that cares about your Reputation Management!

For growing companies, reputation management is never truly complete

As a B2B Advertising Firm, Fame Internet Marketing knows how important it is to keep a positive image of your company on constant display. As a local, Metro Atlanta based B2B Advertising Agency, we know that quite often the first step of Reputation Management for many local businesses is actually Brand Awareness.

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It’s important to have someone on your side who has a grasp on the present, as well as the future of marketing practices.

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For long existing companies, this may not be a problem. But as you might have discovered, even in localized regions, a great company can exist for 20, 30, or even 50 years, and most people may never have heard of it. And if people have never heard of your company, you surely can’t have much of a reputation. If your reputation management isn’t off the ground yet because of the lack of your company’s Brand Awareness, an experienced Advertising Agency, like Fame Internet Marketing, can really help launch your company’s online reputation.

Fame Internet Marketing can help you solidify what Google, Bing, and other Search Engines think about your company by enhancing your Web Presence with the latest, most sophisticated SEO practices. We can help your Company’s Branding begin to permeate your targeted market, and help you start to prove company’s worth inside the framework of the most profitable Buyer Communities. Call or contact Fame Internet Marketing today! We’re the local Advertising Agency that really cares about your Reputation Management, both now, and into the future. Call or contact us today!