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What does the heightened emphasis on Paid Ads through Social Media mean for your Small Business’s organic content results? It can mean a lot of things. Fame can help you stay on top of what Social Media Paid Advertisements can do for your business, how to create paid ads, and when to launch.

Pay Special Attention!!!!!!!!!!! Important Changes In Paid Social Media Advertisement

Facebook has recently made some huge changes to their paid advertisement structure, including new and sophisticated data gathering algorithms, that have tanked organic reach for a lot of small businesses. Specifically, Facebook is on the fast track to becoming more of a, “Pay-to-play,” social media platform. If you want fast action, or sometimes any action, you’ve got to pay in order to play. In some industries, the shift from paid ad exposure vs. organic business page exposure has shifted by 50% or more. So what does this mean for your local business? Should you abandon all hope? Should you stop manufacturing widgets, and start selling off your equipment in the Facebook Marketplace? Obviously, a temporary shift does not merit jumping ship. But a shift in the way things are done usually means you should at least be familiar with the new method, technology, or the implementation of such things. Paid Social Media Ads falls in that category.

Similarities Between Ppc Logic And Social Media Paid Ads

If your company has dabbled very much in PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement on Google you probably have a pretty good start on what it takes to excel in utilizing Paid Advertisements on Social Media Platforms like Facebook. Fame Internet Marketing has done more than just dabble in PPC Advertising for our business. We have actually managed several timely and on-going Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns for several of our clients who desire the need to have a little more immediate control of lead generation through search parameters than organic SEO results will allow. Similarly, as Paid Social Media Advertisements have become more present, and more prevalent, we have become experts in Paid Ads through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. Here are a few of the similarities we’ve discovered:

You Can Burn Through A Ton Of Money With Very Little Success

Because both PPC and Paid Social Ads give you access to the “Off/On” lever, you can blow through a lot of Ad Money quick. And if your Ads and Reach are poorly planned, you might get ZERO viable return.

Research, Planning, And Timeliness Are Your Best Friends

Diving headfirst into a paid campaign without really homing in on your target audience, and offering something that’s not worthwhile are signs of poor research and poor planning. Think rationally and sensibly.

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Empty Or Confusing Portals Are Doubly Harmful

Putting together a great Paid Ad campaign with adequate target audience analysis and picking the prime time to pull the trigger are great! But not if your “through-path” is a dud. Make clean, clear, useful portals.

Figure Out Who “not” To Advertise For

If you only choose certain search parameters on PPC, like for people who search “logo design,” but don’t exclude people looking for a free online logo generator, you could waste your resources. Believe us. We know.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Ppc Or Paid Ad Basket

Completely abandoning organic SEO and organic social media practices would be unwise. Marketing has a way processing trends, and evening out. So don’t abandon all your long-term hard work! Keep the faith!

The Fame Internet Marketing team is comprised of savvy individuals who are skilled and experienced at navigating your company’s allotted Paid Advertising budget, helping you find your most-targeted audience, narrowing down your prime locations, and helping create high-conversion advertisements that best serve your lead generation goals. Call or contact today to schedule a session with one of our most highly-trained experts who can guide you through Social Media Paid Advertising, PPC Campaigns, and so much more! We can’t wait to help your business grow!