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Social Media Marketing

These days, everybody seems to be on Social Media, including your business. But how can your business turn the corner for Social Media Marketing? Fame Internet Marketing can show you how!

Common Local Business Approaches To Social Media Marketing

Like other forms of marketing, utilizing Social Media for your next big Marketing Campaign or as a springboard for your new marketing strategies should never be attempted half-heartedly. The problem that most companies have with marketing through various social media platforms lies somewhere between impatience and inconsistency. Business owners who fail at using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social platforms to boost general awareness for their company have probably started with good intentions, hit the ground running, and either got too busy or too disinterested to continue cultivating their platforms, and dropped the ball. At Fame Internet Marketing, we like to help our clients solidify their company reputation through their chosen social media platforms, and ensure that their target audience will always see a professional group of experts who can help with the specific good or service the client offers.

Common Mistakes Local Business Make With Social Media Marketing

If you pull up most of the average Facebook business pages for a local company you might know, you are very likely to see a combination of incomplete content, insufficient or outdated pictures, and wide gaps in posting history. Imagine that your social media platform as a virtual “front door” into your company. If you leave your social media platforms neglected for months at a time, potential clients might think you conduct business the same way. This could very quickly make viable customers shy away from using your company for whatever good or service that your company offers.

The Social Media Marketing experts at Fame always suggest choosing a specific number of social platforms to cultivate, and cultivating those platforms well, instead of dabbling in dozens of platforms, but leaving most of them neglected or unfinished. So if you have a great audience in Facebook, perhaps your company could get more mileage from focusing on Facebook ads than they would dedicated the time and resources to open up a new account on Snapchat, Instagram, Etsy, or another platform. Similarly, if your fan base is made of demographics that would most likely be Instagram users, then cultivating a Facebook following might not utilize your resources very well.

Social Media Account Management From Your #1 Local Marketing Company

The Small Business Social Media Consultants from Fame Internet Marketing can help your Small, Medium, or Large Local Business in evaluating any existing social media accounts you may already have, whether or not you know that those accounts exist. For instance, some people may have Facebook pages attributed to them, or even Yelp or Better Business Bureau pages that have been associated with your business. Depending on the general customer feedback on those automatically collected pages, they might be positively or negatively affecting your business. The good ones can be a wonderful head start on organically cultivating your business’s social media pages, and might be a great way to communicate with your current client base, while extending your sphere of influence to all the people they are connected with. On the other hand, if you have negative customer feedback on those pre-existing pages, especially if they are from highly optimized sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, or Yellow Pages, it doesn’t really help your business to ignore those pages. If left unaddressed, a dangling negative review site might keep clients from ever contacting you, especially if they have considered your company, and are trying to thoroughly check you out online.

If you need help choosing which Social Media Marketing platforms are best for your business, and what could be done to help optimize and maximize those platforms, contact the Social Media Account Management experts from Fame Internet Marketing! We also offer Social Media Conferences to the public incrementally throughout the year. If you would like to be contacted regarding our next scheduled conference in the western Metro Atlanta area, send an email to and we’ll let you know when the next Social Media Conference is happening!