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Commercial Script Writing

You could talk about your business for hours. But could you effectively tell the story of your business in 30 seconds? 1 minute? For radio or television? Regionally? Locally? Commercial Script Writing could get hairy in a hurry if you’re not careful! If you need help with Script Writing & Voiceover, call Fame!

When Your Marketing Goals Include the Need for Commercial Script Writing & Voiceover Work, Call Fame!

Some people excel at saying a lot of words. Some people excel at saying the right words. Very few people excel in saying the right words without having to use a lot of words to do it. Hank Williams, arguably one of the most underrated songwriters in American Music History, said that after first writing a song, he looked back through it and took out anything that didn’t absolutely have to be there. In essence, Old Hank thought that less was more, at least in his songwriting. But the key to making the “less is more” concept truly effective is having enough of a brain to figure out which elements that your story can truly do without. If you think it’s easy, you’ve obviously never done it. It’s difficult!

Commercial Script Writing that Spurs Viewers to Take Action – In a Positive Way

Whatever business you have, whatever product you want to sell, or whatever agenda you have for your company commercial, you should always start with the end goal in mind. Do you want someone to call your company for a free estimate, or are you more interested in someone jumping online to buy a product you’re selling? Starting with the end goal in mind will help you get lost trying to convey your entire business history inside a 30 second television or radio commercial spot. It is a challenge to get a potential customer’s attention, present a problem, present a solution, and lead the customer towards a desired Call to Action, but Fame Internet Marketing can help!

Let Fame Internet Marketing Turn Your Storytelling Into Effective Script Writing

In our daily lives, we often think of good storytelling as being a sequence of background information, plot lines, and layers of continuing details. But a true artist can tell a beautiful story with just a few sentences. They key to this concept is knowing what your truest desired point of impact is, and making the straightest, most impactful b-line for that ultimately desired goal. At Fame Internet Marketing, we know what it takes to convey your most important storyline in fresh, compact scripts. Our Commercial Script Writing will cause television viewers or radio listeners to take action in a way that benefits your company, and not to change the station! Call our experts for Commercial Script Writing and Voiceover Services today!