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Are you looking to incorporate Corporate Video Work into your Business Marketing Plan? Fame Internet Marketing has the skill and experience to help your video project succeed.

From Video Capture to Finished Production – Corporate Video Work from Fame Internet Marketing

When a budding or growing company is entertaining ideas for enhancing their local or regional Marketing presence, the idea of Corporate Video Work is eventually trotted out. Like many things in the arena of digital marketing, professionally captured and editing video can tell your company’s story in a way that is unique to all other forms of digital communication.

The combination of audio and visual stimulus can be a very effective way to convince viewers of whatever point you’re trying to make. But as many company owners have discovered, Company Videos may not always change the world in the same way they might have dreamed of. And usually, that is because it truly takes a lot of time, effort, agony, and resources to make truly quality video projects. Perhaps the era of video smartphones and live videocasting has made us all a little numb to the concept of truly remarkable film making. Like many things that your business may try, Corporate Video Work is only worth embarking upon if you’re willing to see it through to the end.

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Heading into your next Corporate Video Project, there are several overarching questions we like to keep in the forefront of our minds, from Video Capture to Finished Product, and all throughout the Editing process. When you’re considering a Corporate Video Project, or even if you’ve already embarked on one, how would you answer these questions?

  1. What primary audience is this video intended for?
  2. What is the ultimate goal we’re hoping to accomplish?
  3. How can we make a real connection with the intended audience?
  4. How can we continually prove the ultimate message to the audience?
  5. How does every spoken word or visual enhancer make the story more impactful?
  6. What does every spoken word of visual enhancer say about our company?
  7. Is the ultimate message clear? If not, do we need to add or remove elements?
  8. Is there a clear call to action that springboards off the message?
  9. Does this concept or finished product enhance our company branding?
  10. How can we get this video in front of the eyes we want to see it?

“it’s a 5 Minute Video. Why Does It Take So Many Hours to Produce?”

What a lot of people just don’t understand about video editing is that it takes a lot of time. Obviously, the less that someone cares about something, the more an editor can cut corners to save time. But that only works if everyone is okay with sinking time and resources into a video project that everyone is equally sure to hate.

At Fame Internet Marketing, we don’t like to do things halfway. We take pride in what we do, not just because it represents our company, but because it represents your company. That inherent, Southern sense of Blue-Collar Pride in a job well done is a big part of what fuels our company to excel. And when our company is driven to excel with your Corporate Video Work, whether it be Video Capture for a Background Video, Interview Footage for a Television Commercial or Web Commercial, Logo Stingers and Special Effects, or Training Videos for your new employees, our people will agonize and grind until we come out with product that we can all be proud of.

We approach all our Corporate Video Projects with a high level of Forethought and Strategy, and we see it through to the very end. We do it right, or we don’t do it at all. Fame Internet Marketing is capable of fulfilling any corporate video work that your business desires, especially when we all understand exactly what it takes to make corporate video work outstanding! Contact our experts today!