Website Content Writer

Website Content Writer

If you need an online marketing agency to help write your website in a manner that will get results from people, as well as robots, Fame Internet Marketing has the Content Writing capabilities you need!

The Evolution of Website Content Creation and Internet Advertising

In early days of web content, developers put little to no emphasis on the quality of their content writing for businesses. But as search engine algorithms continue to trend towards ensuring high-quality, organic, human-created content for consumers, it becomes more and more important to hire Website Content Writers who can actually, well, write! There will always be challenges for good, clear, compelling writers. But content writing is one outlet that has proven to be a profitable outlet for well-connected storytellers. It has been especially beneficial for good writers who care enough about their clients to learn their business personality, and project good writing towards the demographic of their target audiences. It’s obviously a challenge, but it’s worth it for business owners. It’s like having a professional biography writer for your business who also helps increase your organic internet traffic, while helping you convert valuable new clientele.

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"Fame Internet Marketing employs some of the most gifted Website Content Writers around. Perhaps the coolest thing about our writers is that we’re not outsourcing our writing to New York, L.A., or even Nashville. Our writers live right here in Metro Atlanta, and come to a real office, 5 days a week, and compose your website material, your print material, and all the other forms of content that helps your business be great!"

How Really Good Website Content Writers Embark on Writing for the People of the Internet

Professional Storytelling is one thing. Compelling Storytelling that encourages random potential clients to take action and explore more about your company, or contact you for your goods and services; well that’s quite another. Internet users are savvy, and are equipped with more sophisticated filtering devices than your water faucet could ever hope to be. If they think for a second that you’re taking them for a ride, or being insincere, or that what your blabbing about has nothing to do with what they’re curious about, they’re gone to the next option. And the more it’s perceived you’re your website is lying to people about what you do, and what you can do for them, the more that the robots will pick up on that. And when the robots think that the people think you’re a liar, you get treated like an outcast. That means less organic traffic, fewer valid conversions, and rusty robot hands in the mail. Okay, not necessarily robot hands, but the rest is absolutely valid. So hire someone to tell your story as professionally as possible, and as compelling as possible, but try to present yourself as something you’re not, and watch your profit margins plummet. Good writers keep it real.

How Human Content Writers Go About Writing for Robots

1101001. You humans won’t get that, but robots will find it hilarious. But seriously, until they decide to overthrow us, Robots are designed by humans for one obvious purpose: to help humans. One robotic advancement that it most definitely designed to help the humans is the implementation of ever-evolving search engine algorithms. These super sophisticated protocols are designed to ensure that your website content is well written, easy to embrace, authentic, and lastly, written by another human. Cheating, plagiarism, keyword stuffing, backlink overload, all the things that used to be able to trick search engines, they will all get your site blacklisted more and more. It takes real, quality, authentic content, written by humans, to pass the litmus test of search engine algorithms, and the robots who relay said information to the humans who built them. Effectively Compelling Calls to Action are important for robots as well as people, because potential clients seem to think they’re important, according to the patterns that the robots detect. In the right hands, your professional Website Content will all work together to generate interest in your company, to raise your organic search rankings, put your business website in front of more sets of eyes, and generate a healthy profit.

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