Small Business Website Design

small business website design

Are you looking for big-time web development from a professional internet marketing firm that fits your budget, but helps fulfill your long-term business goals for expansion and growth into the 21st century? If so, you need professional Web Development from Fame Internet Marketing.

Small Business Website Design With Big Business Returns On Investment From Fame Internet Marketing

Since the very beginning, Fame Internet Marketing has made it our primary aim to focus on helping the businesses and entrepreneurs in and around our localized region. We feel that the personal touch we add to small business website design elements really helps make your Web Development feel uniquely designed for your local business! In a world of cookie-cutter, Do-It-Yourself Web Development options, it’s nice to know that someone is still on the side of our local businesses. You can get Small Business Website Design with Big-Business ROI from Fame Internet Marketing! From personal meetings and interviews, to custom photography of your business and business practices, even throughout the entire unique storytelling of who your company truly is, Fame Internet Marketing is on your side! You’ll love the professional, yet embraceable feel you’ll get from our Small Business Website Design!

No Business Is Too Big, No Business Is Too Small. Every Business Is Just Right For Fame!

Though we specialize in Metro Atlanta and West Georgia’s local businesses, and though we have always been helpful with Small Business Website Design as well as Medium Market Web Design, Fame Internet Marketing has long been very successful in helping large, diversified businesses grow and expand their Web Development and Internet Marketing horizons. We can accomplish these things in a wide variety of methods, utilizing many different tools. But we do everything we do for one primary reason: to help our local business clients grow. Fame Internet Marketing has been fortunately blessed thus far to help businesses of all shapes and sizes maximize their bottom line, and we plan to keep on keeping on well into the future. From Small Business Website Design to Big Business Website Building, Fame is always at the forefront of keeping your business website functional, beautiful, and well optimized for search engine traffic.

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From Small Business Website Design to Big Business Website Building, Fame is always at the forefront of keeping your business website functional, beautiful, and well optimized for search engine traffic.

The Small Business Website Design Experts at Fame Internet Marketing are well versed in multiple platforms and methodologies of web design. The primary platforms that most local businesses will want to utilize are HTML, Content Management Systems (CMS), and eCommerce platforms (for clients wishing to conduct business directly on their site. Each platform has its pros and cons, and could benefit your business in specific ways. Click the link for each subsection to explore more about the multiple platforms utilized by Fame Internet Marketing for small business website design.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the foundational languages used for building Web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page, while CSS translates the visual layout. HTML and CSS require a larger learning curve, but once mastered, offer endless possibilities to web designers.

WordPress (CMS)

WordPress is the most widely used form of Content Management System web design, or what we call CMS. Experienced Web Designers might resist CMS systems due to their lack of flexibility, and the required learning curve for each new site, but users like the possibility of managing their own web content once the site has been built.

Magento Ecommerce Experts

If your website plans have direct monetary sales at the forefront, you will likely have to explore the world of eCommerce website platforms. eCommerce platforms are costly, and are a huge undertaking, but can be well worth it if your business deals directly with internet sales. For whatever you’re looking for, Fame can help! Contact us today!

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