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"Fame is awesome! Very convenient to have someone come out and teach you how to do something than to listen to them over the phone.”

the problem

Anderson Power Services, a division of Elite Energy Systems, had been steadily growing in the field of Industrial Generator Installation since 1995. But they had trouble gaining momentum with online marketing, and had yet to consolidate their company branding.

the approach

Fame was contacted very early in the process, and through incremental stages of development and enhancement, helped Anderson Power expand deep into the Southeastern U.S., building a company reputation that grew business revenue by over 500%.

the results

By 2020, Fame helped Anderson Power Services go from 0% visibility for a small handful of keywords to 71% Total Visibility for over 240 tracked keywords in 8 different search engine formats. The initial approach was a reputational play, which led to an increase in Direct Traffic. Eventually, the site for Anderson Power was an SEO Monster, dominating the Organic Search market.

By 2019, Anderson Power had full trust in Fame Marketing, and expressed the desire for Fame to create and manage Google PPC campaigns, as well as Facebook Ad campaigns. Fame also figured out a way to display regionally branded versions of the site in specific regions.

All told, the traffic results were amazing, including a 2,252% jump in total monthly users. Online appointment scheduling encountered around 700 interactions every month, and the phones rang off the hook, jumping from 24 to 300 monthly calls for service.

monthly calls for service
surge in monthly users
tracking keywords
increased revenue


The choices for Anderson Power’s logo and branding efforts have gone through many phases of change over the years, but the circular arrows of red, green, and yellow always seem to make their way back to the surface.

Moving from flat imagery, to 3 dimensional shapes, to futuristic motion, then back to flattened vector-type images shows that APS trusts Fame to make the right design decisions at the most appropriate times.

Anderson Power Services logo Anderson Power Services logo

ppc advertising

Google’s Pay-Pay-Click advertising can be an effective way to get your company in front of potential customers eyes, quickly. Business owners like the ability to see direct results for PPC, especially when utilizing Fame’s knowledge and experience.


Branding isn’t just important online. It’s important on the job site, too. You can bet that every Anderson Power Services tech will show up to your home or business looking sharp, will represent APS solidly, and will enhance your total company experience.

71% visibility on search engines

seo (search engine optimization)

If PPC is a quick way to pull the lever, SEO is the long-play that only gets better with time. Fame made the right decisions at every renewal point with Anderson Power Services, and the intrinsic SEO value of the site is now something to behold. It’s a well-oiled conversion machine.

web design & development

Sleek, fast, informative, and built for conversion, the current APS site gives users a unique experience, wherever they are in the Southeastern United States.

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