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"We absolutely love Fame's design work with everything they've made for us. Their strategies are sound, and we're always impressed with their responsiveness and turnaround."

the problem

Formerly known as BSA Machine Shop, Camp Manufacturing had the desire and capabilities to grow and diversify their portfolio much further into the U.S. manufacturing sector. This proved to be challenging, with no discernible brand identity or market presence.

the approach

Fame took a fully comprehensive and transformative internal and external approach to help relaunch BSA Machine Shop officially as Camp Manufacturing, and help vault them onto center stage in the United States’ industrial manufacturing community.

the challenge

BSA Machine Shop was a small but profitable manufacturing business with a stated desire to grow in the manufacturing sector. But without any brand awareness or necessary business marketing tools to make it happen, Fame was tabbed to reimage and reposition the company to better attract the customers needed for sustained growth and profitability. Our job was to bring this family owned business’ story to life.

For a company that had been around for quite a while, BSA Machine Shop had no real attachment to their own company name. Fame embarked on an aggressive new naming process that would embody the history and capabilities that BSA possessed.

With an opportunity to create something worth rallying around, Fame worked hand-in-hand with the company until everyone settled on a new name that marketing tools could truly be built around: Camp Manufacturing.


With furious effort in brainstorming and coordinating ideas, Fame successfully relaunched the company as Camp Manufacturing, with the subtext “Laser Cutting and Metal Forming.” This would identify the founding family name, instill company pride, and provide descriptive, brandable, relatable specifics for prospective clients.

With a name change, logo, website, video presentation and sales enablement tools, Camp Manufacturing was vaulted onto center stage in the industrial manufacturing community.


From laser cutting, metal forming, and custom-creation of heavy machinery parts, OEM replacement parts, architectural panels and more, Camp Manufacturing Company boasts capabilities that are at-or-better than industry standard in every way possible.

Fame set out to highlight Camp’s most marketable skill sets, and broadcast that message to the most lucrative and viable client bases.


With the intention of showcasing Camp Manufacturing’s full capabilities, while highlighting the most marketable and coveted front doors for new business, Fame built a sleek, stylish, SEO masterpiece of a website.

Additional flare included video backgrounds, motion effects, laser logo stingers, and a 3D Interactive rendering of Camp’s operational headquarters. All in all, the Camp Manufacturing website is a valuable tool for marketing and reputation enhancement, and puts the company light years ahead of any regional competition.

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social media

Fame set up company platforms for LinkedIn and Facebook, with training for individuals to optimize and utilize LinkedIn. We engaged in direct marketing to potential clients for all appropriate social media platforms.

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