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“Everything you all did is perfect, and thank you so much for doing this on such short notice! It looks amazing!”

the problem

As the primary department responsible for promoting tourism for Douglas County, the DC Tourism and Film department came to Fame to help showcase the fact that Douglas County has become a premier filming destination for the Georgia film industry.

the approach

Fame strategically developed the “DC Film Trail” logo and brand with web interactive elements, and created print ads for use in key tourism promotion locations and publications, 3D photography of all tour stops, and custom content for significant films and productions.

the results

With the end goal in mind, Fame proposed a series of web-based solutions for DC Film Trail, with the initial focus being a mobile-responsive website, fully structured for Search Engine Optimization. The hope was that the site could serve as a central and interactive portal for visitors to take both virtual and physical tours of some of the most significant filming locations in the county.

This would be launched with 10 initial tour “stops” throughout the county, based both on the multitude and magnitude of filming at those locations, with infinite expandability based on future filming sites for feature films and television shows.

The website was an immediate success, producing 33,840 unique website visitors, 97,047 page views, 68% mobile users from over 120 countries and all 50 states, and 67.85% of traffic from organic search with over 358K organic, non-branded search impressions.

unique visitors
unique page views
organic traffic


The branding for DC Film Trail was developed with the goal of incorporating the outline of Douglas County and a traditional, professional film camera, combined with heavy stencil fonts and specifically chosen colors, designed for sharp contrast.

With the past and present film industry being a focus of the site, there was a significant desire to use old-style film reels and film tape to serve as strong supporting branding enhancements.


Interactive, interactive, interactive! That was the resounding theme expressed by the folks at DC Film Trail. From the very first draft, Fame was able to customize a myriad of graphical elements to move, spin, rotate, pop out, or do whatever would enhance user experience (UX) for the website.

Fame created spinnable, sideways film reels with specific movie titles in lieu of traditional navigation. Menus could be spun top to bottom to reveal more information. 360 degree tours of filming sites were constructed from scratch, and implemented all along the website. Throw in some strategic SEO copywriting, and the DC Film Trail website was a slick, well-oiled, productive machine.

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The graphics, interactive displays, and design elements for the DC Film Trail website were custom built from the ground up, with the focus of highlighting tour stops, showcasing what was filmed at each location, and displaying Douglas County in the perfect light to entice local tourism.

From map overlays and carefully displayed text descriptions to film highlights on spinnable film strips, the website and all the various printed graphics were sharp, intentional, and perfectly themed to enhance the “movie theatre meets real life” feel that Fame desired to create.

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