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JK Land
"LOVE IT!! Thanks Fame team!!" "Wow. Looks really good. Thank you for all the great work so far." "Guys. Our site is blowing up. It's up to 21k page views today alone."

the problem

With zero community awareness, no online presence, and a big bucketful of dreams, JK Land had the desire to become relevant not only in a niche (Jeep) market, but in a sliver (mall- crawlers looking to upgrade) of that niche market. They leaned completely on the experience of Fame Marketing.

the approach

Fame thoughtfully and generously initiated a brand creation campaign, complete with a robust E-Commerce site that featured intense SEO and slick design work, as well as social media account creation & optimization with expert training for client enhancement. It was a beautiful branding launch.

the results

Fame took an “all systems go” approach with JK Land. Embracing the mindset of “what does our client need” instead of “what are our standard services,” Fame either advised or created resources for every facet of JK Land’s blossoming new business. From heavy research into the mindset of the best-fit potential client, to multiple variations of designs, rhetoric, and marketing tools, JK Land stood front and center, on full display for their potential audience.

From a marketing standpoint alone, the numbers were truly something to behold. This was especially true, given that JK Land was a brand-new business, with a brand-new website, going after a brand-new market that no one had successfully carved out yet.

JK Land quickly experienced a 1,400% increase in social following, 26K unique website visitors, +1k phone calls, and had a remarkable 88% of their targeted keywords land front and center on page #1 of Google search results in their most coveted geographical territory.

New Website Visitors
Generated Phone Calls
Increase in Social Following
Target SEO Success


Every facet of this project had to be right. It had to be structured with SEO so it could land right in front of the right eyes, and it had to speak directly to a young, hip, REI-type client who was looking to invest in their outdoor adventuring prowess. The messaging for every flyer, rack card, web page, or other creation was on point. In fact, there wasn’t a single thing that Fame said, did, or created that didn’t continue to signal and solidify JK Land’s reputation as “The Disneyland of Jeeps.”

social media

With the importance of utilizing social media for connecting with prospective clients, Fame continued to push JK Land further onto center stage in both the Jeep and Outdoor Adventure communities through the most appropriate social media platforms.


In order to successfully carve out their own unique niche in the outdoor adventurer market, while embracing the long-standing “Jeepers” audience mentality and approval, Fame produced and refined multiple custom sets of logos with badges and icons that were perfect for jeep stickers and decals.

To further reach the rugged-mountain, “go-anywhere” look & feel to an already great web experience, Fame continued to cultivate JK Land’s brand, including a 3D walk-through of the shop and showroom, and of the newest upgraded Jeeps, showcased right on the site!

web design & development

While the success in numbers of the new JK Land website were truly staggering in terms of optimizing for search engine rankings, and for funneling large amounts of traffic and contacts, it was the design and user experience that really had people buzzing.

Sharp, rugged, and 3-Dimensional, all with JK Land’s signature burnt orange proudly displayed, people were as impressed with JK Land’s website experience as they were with the actual shop, which is quite remarkable, because this was no ordinary custom shop. This was “The Disneyland of Jeeps.”

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