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Portrait of Chris Stanfield.

Director of Business Growth & Marketing Strategies at Fame Marketing

Skills and Industry Knowledge
  • Marketing Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography
  • Business-to-Business(B2B)
  • Brand Development
Skills and Industry Knowledge
  • Mass Communications
  • Photojournalism
  • SANS Security

About Chris

Chris Stanfield comes to Fame Marketing from Brown Bag Marketing in Atlanta, GA, where he was the Director of Business Development, and Senior Account Director. Chris is a business-minded problem solver with the resume to back up that accolade. His rare combination of talent, creativity, and drive for excellence all grant Chris the vehicle with which to succeed.

Chris was the initiator of the “We Solve Problems. What Are Yours?” campaign at Fame Marketing. When he suggests marketing strategies for businesses, they come from a place of successful experience in working with many great companies in many unique business markets. You’d be hard pressed to find a professional with the same resume of high-level business experience as Chris Stanfield.

In addition to his time as Sr. Account Director with Brown Bag Marketing, Chris has been the principal marketing and creative lead for the Mayo Clinic, the Vice President of Creative Services for What’s Up Interactive, the Senior Interactive Producer for (Turner Sports), and a Senior Editor for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, in addition to many other noteworthy stops along the way to Fame Marketing.

Chris always brings his best ideas, thoughts, and competitive analysis to every new business marketing plan. As the Director of Business Growth and Marketing Strategies at Fame, Chris displays a heart to help every business owner he meets with, regardless of where they are in business development. If you want your business to skyrocket to the next level, Chris Stanfield is the guy you want guiding your business growth plans and marketing strategies.

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